The Port Welshpool Working Group would like to publically acknowledge and thank the following organisations and their staff for all the support and assistance in bringing this festival together

Government Agencies
Parks Victoria Coastcare
South Gippsland Shire Council. Fishcare
D.E.L.W.P.  West Gippsland Catchment Authourity
Victorian Fish Authority

Welshpool  and District Primary School



Port Welshpool General Store
Ahern’s Fruit and Vegetable Store Foster
Woolworths Supermarket Yarram
 Campagno Engineering
Local Community Groups and Associations
 Friends of Agnes Falls
Port Welshpool Fishing Club.
 Port Welshpool Working Group
Welshpool Horticultural Society.
Port Welshpool Maritime Museum
Emergency Services
Port Welshpool Coast Guard
Musical Entertainment
Kaylah The McCrackens
Goody Two Shoes Unusual Suspects
 Tim Mansell……Sound Production. Midnight Possum